Issue #5: The Movie Edition

It’s been a while now since the last Issue of The Secret Buzz was released. We used the summer for a very creative hiatus, only to come back now with an issue, that really is more than just a Fashion Magazine for #TSW.

The Secret Buzz Issue #5 is a piece of art. And I’ve had some great help to realize that masterpiece. Please check out the credits to find out more about the people, bringing this Issue to life.

There is two more things I’d like to mention:

First of all, I am really glad to have Scrivnomancer on my cover. I’ve had the original shoot with him in the game (which was really fun! I may share some of the amazing pictures that came out of that!). I gave my choice of pics to Stevie Fleetwood and asked her to make a poster out of it, showing a version of Sam Krieg’s The Lighthouse.


The result of it was a bloody dark movie poster – a poster I seriously love to the bones. This poster is an homage to the game, to Scriv, to all the writers and designers, the creative minds of #TSW. To me it captures the vibe we as players simply love perfectly.

The second thing: As always I will offer to make print copies of the magazine. But since there also are a lot of movie posters in it, I will also offer a poster print & frame. Please keep in mind, that due to the size of the original pictures, I can’t offer big posters in the size of real movie posters. But with a passepartout and a nice frame it will still look pretty amazing. If you are interested, poke me please. 🙂

via DM to @BuzzyFred on Twitter or via email:

I hope you enjoy the Issue 🙂 You can find it online here on Yumpu.


Things are about to change…

Well, hello there!

As you may have noticed from the teaser that’s been published on Twitter a few weeks ago, Issue #5 of The Secret Buzz will be “more than fashion”. There are a couple of very interesting changes happening in the background and I am so excited to show them to you with the release of the next issue in autumn 2016.


Yet there’s also something changing on the surface. I gave up the website #insertshockedfacedhere. The reason for this is rather simple: Hosting a website like this costs money and at some point you got to ask yourself if it’s worth it. The answer I finally gave myself, was a simple: No, it’s not. We can also meet here and you can look through all the Issues of The Secret Buzz on Yumpu: 

So please, gimme some time to figure it all out here – and we’ll make this a nice new home for The Secret Buzz.:)

Kisses, Fred